I know nothing about writing a book, as the tag on the right column will tell you.  So I’m not here to preach to anyone, or tell anyone how to publish one.  But I do want to share my experience and hopefully, I will come across something useful to you.  I would love it if you share my journey with me.

However, I do know a lot about blogging.  I began blogging about ten years ago, when I launched a very successful recipe blog.  By today’s standards, it might not mean too much, but I regularly received 75,000 hits per day on this site.  So maybe you can garner a helpful hint or two about blogging here, with the aim towards writers.  I regularly preach to all of my friends about the wonders and uses of WordPress, which I think is THE best blogging platform out there.

Feel free to leave comments on any of my blog posts, critical, praise worthy, or otherwise.  Or you may contact me.  I try my best to answer all of my comments and email.  Please don’t be offended if I don’t answer you right away!