Word Count: 73,268

Previous this week, I got some inspiration.  I was reading “Top 25 Best Fantasy Books” (which, by the way, I do not agree with).  What struck, me, though, was the depth and variety of fantasy novels out there.  I tend to like my book, biased as that may be, but I still have to be truthful to myself.  Is it the run-of-the mill fantasy?  Farmer-turned-hero-prophetic-king vs. Omniscient-evil-dude-that-is-going-to-kill-the-world-soon?

So, yes, I realized that my story had a little bit of that cliche in it.  Ok, a lot.

Enter my inspiration.  Changing it up a little, okay a lot, I decide to make no bad guys.  No all-powerful bad guys, who had droves of these nasty looking creatures made up just to be nasty looking.  No goodie-too-shoes character, who gathers the entire world to defeat the bad guy.

This meant, though, that I had to revise the entire novel, from start to finish, in order to make anything fit.  I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to get back to writing, with all this revising that I’ve been doing lately!