Word Count: 70,022

Last week, I didn’t add any update the blog.  This is mainly because I was in deep writing for my primary project, my novel.  As we can see, I managed to knock out over 10,000 words these last two weeks which may not seem like a huge accomplishment, but with a project goal of 125,000 words, and a deadline of a year, that means that I have a goal of writing an average of 2,404 words per week.  If you want to get all mathematical, this means that I have exceeded my goal these past two weeks by about 104%.  In other words, I wrote more than twice as much as I intended.

I like to reread my work a lot, sometimes because I just plain forget what I wrote, but more importantly, because I think it makes my writing stronger.  Each time I go over a passage or a chapter, I think I improve it.

I discovered that this is because, quite simply, I become a better writer each time that I write.  I can see it.  I can feel it.  My characters have become more real, the emotions that they display are better projected, the action is more clear cut, and the description are more descriptive.  I took a purple pen (yes, purple, not red … we live near a Planet Fitness and they give away free purple pens, which make great corrective pens) to what I have so far, and I can say, without a doubt, that the end of it is much better written than the beginning of it.

I wouldn’t say that the beginning is bad writing, it’s just not as good writing, but it isn’t anything that a purple pen can’t fix, with a little help from a cup of coffee and a lounge chair.

This book may never get beyond my own computer screen to see the light of the publishing day, but I have proven several things to myself:

  1. I am a good writer.  I may not be the best writer right this moment, but I will be.
  2. I love to write.  This is what I was put on Earth to do.
  3. I enjoy long hours of solitude.  If I got paid to do this, why, I would be the damn luckiest person on the aforementioned Earth!
  4. Writing a book is easy, because of all the previous three items.
  5. Since writing a book is easy, and I become a better writer with each passing day I write, then I’m going to publish a book.  It might not be the one I’m writing right now, it might not be the fifth book I write, but it will eventually happen.

As a side note, I know that I’ve been a little slacking on responding to my comments the last couple of weeks, along with reading my RSS reader.  My deepest apologies to everyone who has taken the time to comment on my posts, or have felt that I haven’t made an effort to comment on yours.  Have no fear, it has been put on my “to-do” list for early next week!