Word Count: 59,387

So I’ve been kicking myself the last two weeks because I haven’t had the time to blog much.  Oh, it’s not because I don’t have the time.  In fact, since I’ve stopped watching the two children, I’ve found myself with oodles of time.

One of my “quirks,” as my husband likes to call them, is I will often become obsessed with a project for approximately a month, and then it gets dropped to the wayside.  I tend to pick up the same project again, but not for another three or four months.

Now, you might think that I’m doing that about my writing.  No, actually, my writing has been quite an obsession, lasting for much longer than all my others.  I’m determined to get through my first book.

The last couple of weeks (which is why I haven’t written that much), I’ve been obsessed with rereading all the books that I like, especially in my genre.  My friend also recommended a few books that she’s liked, and told me why she likes them.

Actually, this isn’t quite true.  It isn’t the books that I’m really reading, it’s the passages within the books.

You see, I’ve been taking apart all the books that I like, chopping them up (not literally), and finding the scenes that I love.  Then, I have been typing them out in a Microsoft Word document that my husband will probably end up printing for me.  It’s my “book” of inspiration as I’ve been thinking of it.

I’m not trying to copy, as in rip off, the writers that I love.  I’m trying to create a master document of the writing that I love, so I can read it whenever I have writer’s block.  I’m also studying the manuscript.  Why do I love those scenes?  How do the authors sneak in characterization, other than just a paragraph of description?  What parts of the dialog do I think are terrific?  How do the authors intertwine plot and subplot into their novels?  If it is a series of books, how do the authors drop pieces of significant information – hints of later books, innuendos, plot, characterization, or history?

I think it’s important that all authors have a library of books that they love, books that they can study and read and reread until the pages fall off and the spines break into a hundred pieces.

What are some of your favorite books?