Word Count: 42,291

After my forced jury duty hiatus, I jumped back on the writing wagon, as it were, and fleshed out a good chunk of my novel.  In fact, I spent all day Friday and all last weekend writing.  It was as if something inside of me broke, my inner muse finally pouring over the keyboard, and over 12,000 words just let themselves be written.  It was an amazing weekend.

I think that part of the reason everything went so smoothly is because I finally got past the writer’s block, the one that usually happens around the 15,000 to 20,000 mark for a lot of writers.  I spoke about this previously, where it seems you hit this block because your character hasn’t been quite developed enough.  I originally got through this by reading 45 Master Characters, and following the advice to add bits and pieces about my character, to make him more recognizable as a person as well as a story piece.

I am now safely past a quarter of the book, and it feels wonderful.  Mind you, this is a quarter of the first draft only.  I intend to revisit the entire book later on, putting in more description, filling out the characters more by adding more lines of their personalities, and fleshing out the second, third, and forth points of views.  I think by the time that I’m done, the book should be 225,000 to 250,000 words in total.