This week, I have been giving a lot more thought to my life goals, the not-so-little master list of things that I want to accomplish before I am six feet under.  So I decided to put my writing skills to good use by writing out a scene of what my life should look like in ten years.  Call it the novel, titled Mandi’s Life.

Imagination is a powerful tool to help overcome the obstacles of your life.  I found that many times this is because if you start thinking outside the box, then you think of possibilities that weren’t there only moments ago.  A year ago, for instance, I never thought that I could write a novel.  Sure, I’d fantasize how nice it would be to see my novel in print, or to be a famous writer, or even a stereotypical writer – the one that lives in a deep forest, away from civilization.  The hermit.

It just so happens that I also came across a great article about yoga, and the imagination, which I find relevant here:

Imagination—our ability to create images not available to the sensory system—is arguably our greatest faculty for evolving human consciousness. In order to transform ourselves and our world, we need to be able to leap out of the familiar and into the unknown. The first step in doing this is to imagine a future different from the past, a self-sense different from the one we have now. Of course, we are shaped by our memories, our karma, and the patterns woven into our neurons and cells. Undeniably, we’re also influenced by culture and physical circumstances. Some of these factors are hard to change. But the imagination can help us begin to replace our internal patterns, especially the ones that keep us limited and stuck. If we can reimagine our sense of who we are, we can change our experience of life.

I especially like the line “to imagine a future different from the past.”  I guess that is what I did this week, imagining how my future could look if I follow the path that I am on now.

I ended up with about four pages of what my life is going to look like.  I’ve included my husband, and what he’s doing, too.  And also what the kids are up to.  I wrote about my picturesque house on the beach, the daily walks that my husband and I take, my afternoons filled with writing my latest novel while I hear the sounds of the ocean crashing on the shore.  I wrote about my backyard, and how I make a beautiful sustainable garden.  And the second bedroom, how it is for the guests that love to come to visit.  I even threw in the third bedroom, which I use as my wonderful office, a small room facing the ocean, filled with houseplants that never die.

That place is different for all of us.  If I can dream it, then I will make it happen.