Recently, I wrote out my life goals.  I now keep this list open on my computer all the time, to subtly remind myself of what I need to do.

Over the last two weeks, a question has been bouncing around in my head: what exactly is it that I want? In other words, if I could live in a perfect world, what would it be?  What’s my utopia?

The answer to that questions isn’t a simple paragraph or two, because let’s face it, I want a lot of things in my life.  Ultimately, I want to retire with my husband and have a happy time.  There’s a lot of ways to get there.  And in some cases, I want to get there multiple ways.

One of those ways is to become a novel writer.  I’m not really looking to strike it rich ala Stephen King or anything, but having a sustainable career (without having to write what I would consider unpleasant material – corporate or marketing writing, for instance) would be great.

Call me crazy, but the other dream that I have is to become a farmer, which stems from my love of gardening.  I would put myself in the category of “homestead” farmer, which is vastly different than a commercial farmer, the main difference being one is to live and the other is to make money.  I’m not that interested in making money by farming, or by writing for that matter.

I could go on and on about homestead farming, but I won’t bore you with the details.  Suffice it to say that my dream is not a reality, or even close to it.  Firstly, I live in a condo association that likens gardening to the black plague.  And mostly, my husband isn’t too thrilled with the idea of sharing a backyard with chickens (although he does like my idea of the pool – hey, farmers can swim, too).

That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t dream about it.  The advantage of being a writer is that my very overactive imagination can fathom a place that doesn’t even exist.  I can write it down, and make it real.  I can put it in a book, and see that it becomes not a dream, but reality.

So what’s your utopia?

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