I finally finished taking a crack at the Mugging the Muse eBook that I downloaded for free.  I haven’t gotten too much into it yet but I did read the part where she speaks about actually finishing the writing.  She has a great suggestion, which I will pass off to you, in what she calls “Candy-Bar Scenes.”

First, let me define a “candy-bar” scene.  It’s one that you’re just itching to write – something sweet enough that you can dangle it on a stick in front of yourself so that you can say, “When I’ve done these next three chapters, I’ll get to write that one.”

This happens to me all the time, but not necessarily key points, or intriguing points, in the story for me.  They just happen to be scenes that I feel like writing at the time.  I’ve written four such scenes so far, all of which I’ve reached (I haven’t written any too far into the future, although I do plan on writing a couple next week), and “integrated” into the whole, as it were.  My approach is more than just a sentence or two (her suggestion).

What I got from this is three points:

First, my writing is much, much better when I write these scenes – probably because I am “feeling the muse moment.”  Since I want to write these bits, then I do well.  Isn’t that true for everything in life, though?

Second, editing these parts isn’t all that hard.  There are things that I even I don’t know when I write them, sure, but it isn’t anything so significant that I can’t just add a word here or a paragraph there to “dolly” it up.

Third, if you make a mini-goal for yourself to get to that scene, and you achieve that goal because you need to connect where you left off and the beginning of the scene you wrote, isn’t that a good thing?

So, I counter all the negative arguments about writing your first draft from start to finish, all in a straight line.  That kind of writing just doesn’t work for me.  And since this is my story, shouldn’t I write the way it works for me?

What are your thoughts?  Do you write from beginning to end, or do you skip around like I do?

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