I read an interesting theory about Fluidity of the Mind.  This is where you writing – your mood – is affected by your surroundings, so if you are having trouble writing a gory, dark scene, don’t go to the park bench and watch kids fly kites.

There’s this thing called “fluidity of the mind,” and it basically means that people are innately affected by their surroundings, and this happens when you are writing. I know that it’s important to have a little nest/cave you can bundle up in when you write where no one can disturb you, but you might also want to add some mood. […] Your surroundings influence you more than you might expect, so be sure to take advantage of them and use them to enhance your writing.

I am going to try this out.  My usual gaunt is Starbucks, every Wednesday or Friday depending on when my husband is off from work, but next week, I am going to hit gruesome battle scene and Starbucks just doesn’t seem to fit the cup of tea, no pun intended.  I’m thinking of loading up the car and hitting the road to Gettysburg, a historic battle spot near my house.  As an added bonus, it’s supposed to be haunted.

I wonder how I can justify that one on my taxes next year.  Research and development, anyone?

Anyone else tried to switch their usual same-old, same-old to spice up the writing?