This post is a continuation of Google Webmaster Tools and Increasing Traffic by Linking a Little Farther.

The story so far: We’ve delved into Google Webmaster Tools and we’ve come up with the top search queries used to find our blog.  We’ve taken these search queries and we’ve linked to relevant posts from our other posts.  And then, we’ve written and created some more blogging posts, making sure to link to our post that was popular.  In my case, I want to highlight my post, “Choosing a Pen Name.”

If you’re wondering why that search query has come up as a popular in Google Webmaster Tools, I have no idea.  In fact, I don’t think that post was anything special at all.  Maybe lots of people are looking up choosing a pen name.  For right now, I don’t question it.

Our aim is to interlink at least ten links to that post, whether they are existing links or newly created (“blogging prompts” as I discussed last week).  Today, we are going to go the last step, and we are going to use the social media and our friends to push it even farther.

I have to tell you, I am not one for self-promotion, partly because I’m afraid of ending up looking pompous.  This doesn’t correlate to how I think of other people who self-promote their sites – I generally say, “Good for them!” when they do.  So I don’t, as a general rule, tell other people about my posts or my blog.  Yes, I know, bad.

But I will selectively tell others what I’ve done, if it is advice that can help them, without sending a huge email to them.  This works wonders if you are also linking to their web site or blog.  A nice email that says, “Hey, I linked to your blog” will get you noticed.

Take my friend who blogs about homeschooling, for example.  She has a wonderful site called, which is a topic that interests me because I wanted to homeschool my daughter.  In the past, she has asked for my advice about blogging, which I am happy to give away.  Last week, I sent her a Facebook message to let her know that I was posting something that could be of interest.

If you have a pen name, or even if you have different social media accounts from your “personal” account – and you publish your posts to FaceBook, Twitter, or other social media – this is the best way to promote your site.

And here is the advice that I want to share with you today: write a post for a person.  Most of the time, that person is you, but sometimes, that post is for someone else, or maybe two or three someone elses.  If, in your travels, you have a person that will benefit from your blogging post, then tell them about it.

Admittedly, this is only going to help you on a small scale – at least, at first.  I mean, if I tell two friends that I wrote a post about them, that’s only two more traffic spots, right?

The answer is, it could be, but it also couldn’t be.

This is a topic for another day, really, but it’s called the referral system, and the blogging community is one big referral system.  If you let people know that you are thinking of them, then they will think of you.  People who think of you will, in turn, promote you on their own.  They could do this a number of different ways. They could visit your blog post. They can post your link on their FaceBook wall.  They could email your link to someone else they know is interested in the topic that you blogged about.  They could put up a link to your blog.  All of these, even just visiting your site, helps drive traffic.

You’ll never know unless you try.

But here is the caveat: don’t spam people.  A short, nice letter to someone is much more effective than blast emails.  You don’t want to become obnoxious, after all.

So, has the blogging referral system helped you?