This post is a continuation of Google Webmaster Tools and Increasing Traffic by Linking.

The story so far: we’ve now learned to take Google Webmaster’s top search queries and use it to link to a particular post, which will help increase the Google bot indexing of our site.  For our example, my query was “choosing a pen name,” which I went back to my previous posts and put a link there.  Today, we’re going to take it a step farther.

Today we’re going to do an exercise that I like to call “blogging prompts.”

Very similar to the concept of a writing prompt (and readers to the last post will notice that I broke my two-links-per-post rule here), a blogging prompt is where you take a topic – in my case, “choosing a pen name” – and I blog about it.

These posts don’t have to be what I call “Traffic Builder Posts” – a topic for another day, but they should mention your keyword at least once.  The concept here is that you are trying to drive traffic to the post that is numero uno on your Google Webmaster Tools search query, because people already find it.

You are just trying to make it easier for them to find it.

And we do this by making posts specifically geared for people to find it.

A simple concept, yes?

Let’s face it.  As a blogger, who updates her site five times per week, I can only blog about so many topics.  I will inevitably come back to some topics that I’ve already blogged about.  I will write blogs and reference material that I’ve already written about.  Readers who come to your blog are going to expect that from you, and they are going to want that from you.

Join me tomorrow, when I take Google Webmaster Tools and Increasing Traffic by Linking one step farther.