Recently, I signed up for Google Webmaster Tools.  You can add the code right here in WordPress by the “Tools” menu on the left hand side in the Dashboard for your blog.  Webmaster Tools gives you a great little set of data, much like the one that you find on the main page of the dashboard, but much more intuitive for analyzing traffic to your web site.

The most useful area is the Search Queries section.  Here, you will find all the searches that other people used to see your blog.

Surprisingly, the number one on my list is “choosing a pen name,” which readers to my blog will recall that I chose the name “Mandi Kang” for myself.

Today’s blogging traffic tip is something very simple that you can do, if Google at least sends some traffic your way.  (It doesn’t have to be a lot of traffic – maybe one or two hits per week.  Just to make sure that Google is indexing your site regularly.)  This tip is even better if you belong to a web site traffic group that shares tips, or even if you have a friend who is willing to send you traffic.

All you have to do is link to your posts from other posts using the search query that was popular in your Webmaster Tools.  Easy, right?  In fact, let’s see how easy it is.

Right now, I have 38 posts, more drafts, and some scheduled ones.  I went up to the right hand side in Posts and did a search for “pen name” and it came up with five posts.  This is how often I mention my pen name.  I then went back to all of those posts and I added the link to Choosing a Pen Name.

Since Google bot will now see five more links to this page from your own, it must be important, right?

A word of caution for all you eager-beavers out there: try not to link to too many of your own posts.  I personally keep a limit of two links per post, but you can link outside your web site all that you want.  (Google actually loves links to other web pages.  That’s why it is so important to share some love and link to other people.)

Stay tuned tomorrow, because I will go into Google Webmaster Tools and Increasing Traffic by Linking a little further.