Word Count: 21,394 (includes outline)

Last week was extremely productive.  After reading Mugging the Muse, it gave me liberty to jump around in my novel, confident that anything that I wrote in it would be edited as I get to that part.

Because of it, I decided to put my outline directly in my novel instead of in another Word document.  (Previously, I went back and forth between the two.)

I didn’t, however, actually skip around, although last week I did, albeit within the same chapter.  This week, I bridged all the parts to the chapter, and completed it.  I also managed to put all the outline in a paragraph form so that I can just refer to the specific spots when I need them.

I was very proud of myself because I even managed to interject tidbit about my lead’s personality, which I think gave it a lot more flavor and kept my writing solid.