This past weekend, I took the plunge and bought a domain name, and I made my blog into a subdomain,  I am totally psyched about the new domain name and site, which is, if you notice, exactly the same as my blog.

When I finally bought and published a new site, I then had the inevitable happen: I had no idea what to put on my home page.  So I went searching for what other authors and soon-to-be-authors stuck on their home pages, and I mostly found that it was a bunch of links to blog posts.  But I already have a blog.  There has to be something useful to put there.

I chose the pen name Mandi Kang specifically because the domain name wasn’t taken (as well as many other logins from various web sites).

For right now, I put a little blurb about myself and hopefully, one day I can put news about my short stories and novels that I have published.