I’ve been a writer on Associated Content, now named Yahoo! Contributor Network, for some time now, although I haven’t been very active.  Some contributors use Associated Content as a full-time job, writing close to a hundred articles a month.

Putting the quality of the articles aside – and I find that the more the contributor publishes each month, the worse quality the article – let’s talk about using Associated Content in conjunction with your blog.My goal as of late has beenp to publish a new article on Associated Content approximately once per week.  This is in addition to my goal of blogging, to write four times per week plus one novel writing update, and let’s not forget my goal of writing the novel itself.

The problem that I have, as most writers have, is that we have more creativity than we have forums to express that creativity.  Sometimes, you get pigeon-holed, whether you do it to yourself or the industry does it for you.  So, if Stephen King decided that he wanted to publish a book of recipes, would you buy it?  Well, you might, because it’s by Stephen King.

But let’s say that you are a not-so-famous horror fiction writer, and you decided to publish a book of recipes.  Would others buy it, or are you sacrificing all the other types of writing for horror fiction?

I don’t necessarily think that needs to be the case.  Writers today are expanding because the internet makes it so.

Join the Yahoo! Contributor NetworkThis is why I like to use Associated Content.  I throw up articles – lots of times, recipe or gardening topics – that wouldn’t make it anywhere else, mostly because I’m not interested in being a freelance magazine writer (I’m not including short fictional stories in that, which I am interested in writing).  I also find that Associated Content’s recipe section is so much more rewarding than AllRecipes.com, where it relies on (unpaid) contributors.  I might as well make some money if I’m going to post a recipe, right?

So, without further ado, here is my Beer Bread recipe for everyone to enjoy.

How many of you use Associated Content to write?