If you have children, or if you’ve been around children, then you might know about Silly Bandz.  They are those silicon bracelets that sell for way too much money in the store and that are now banned in most schools across the country because students like to “snap” each other like rubber bands.

An ad for Silly Bandz may have existed at some point in time.  I have no idea.  I do know, however, that my three children have been infected with the Silly Bandz wave, and as a result, I ended up spending what seemed like a hundred dollars.

This is a called a fad.  (All those Silly Bandz now sit in the back of a little pouch, forgotten.)

This is what this eBook, Idea Virus, is about.  Now, I haven’t read most of it, but I did read the first few pages:

Have you ever heard of Hotmail? Ever used it? If so, it’s not because Hotmail ran a lot of TV ads (they didn’t). It’s because the manifesto of free email got to you. It turned into an ideavirus. Someone you know and trust infected you with it. What about a Polaroid camera… was your first exposure (no pun intended!) in a TV ad, or did you discover it when a friend showed you how cool the idea of an instant photograph was?

I snagged this eBook for free because BOOKS get to be fads too.  Just think Stephenie Meyers and the Twilight series.  Or Harry Potter.

You’ve done this, too, and it’s happened to you, too.  My daughter begged me for weeks to read Twilight and its three cousins, begged me to take her to the movies.  You’ll pass on a book that you loved.  Heck, if you liked it enough, you’ll even buy someone her own copy.

I intend to read this eBook tonight and then come up with a strategy on how to use it to promote my own novel, once it is written and edited.  For those of you further along in the game, I hope that it helps you out.

Let me know what you think of it!  And feel free to repost for more of the idea virus!