The other day, I blogged about a nifty, free article 101 Best Websites for Writers. Emma, over at EM Biddulph, reposted it on her blog.  This, of course, made me remember about a Cross Promotion group that I used to belong to, which is now sadly defunct.  However, the principle is still sound, and her post is a perfect example.Since she posted her blog article, I’ve had a steady stream of new traffic.  (Thanks, Emma!)  The lesson here is that a link is an extremely valuable commodity, one that I daresay is earned, unless you buy an ad.

All writers have one thing in common.  They love to read.  A blogger is no exception.  Behind any blogger is a set of blogs that he or she reads religiously.  In my case, I have a bunch of WordPress tags that I subscribe, as well as several blogs.

And every so often, I find a great article that I like to repost, or put my own twist upon the original.  This is the wonders of the internet, and the magic of blogging.  If you send over enough traffic to the blog that you wrote about, I guarantee you it will be noticed.  A good blogger will send traffic back.

Not everyone will send you traffic.  You also have to have a voice, something to say.  You have to write about something that is worthy of a blog post on someone else’s blog.  However, I’ve always subscribed to the notion that if you read enough blog posts, and you link people to them, someone will link back to you.  After all, that blog had to start somewhere, too.  That blog was once a tiny blog in a sea of unknowns.  And they didn’t get popular by ignoring the basic principles of blogging.