Word Count: 11,393.

Unfortunately, the last two weeks put me into a tizzy because I started helping out a friend.  Today, I will get back to my novel and go to Starbucks.  This required a lot of working around, namely I had to put in more hours yesterday so that I can get my novel writing done today.

I feel good, though.  This past week I stopped drinking caffeine at dinner, so that I could go to bed on time.  I also asked my husband to wake me up when he leaves for work – Monday was tremendously hard because I was resyncing my sleeping clock – but I found so much time in the morning.  I can now get started a whole two hours earlier than before, which results in two hours in the mid morning and early afternoon to write and blog.

This “vacation” has one good side effect: it has inspired me to get back up and plug away, and I think my writer’s block is now gone.