Today I found a nifty little feature called Post Tags.  This may come as old hat for those of you WordPress gurus, but let me share something to all who do not know.  WordPress tags are a powerful way to drive traffic to your blog.

That’s right.  If you use the right WordPress tags, you are going to get more traffic.

This is how it works.  One tag that I frequently haunt is “Writing Tips.”  This is a very popular tag and many other writers post stuff here.  This means that I will go to another person’s blog.  If your post is good and I have something to say, I will make a comment.  And I am not the only one.

The idea here is that other people are also doing the same thing.  You are going to get traffic this way, too, because if I am doing it, and you post in my favorite tag, then I am going to read what you have to say.  The trick is to find the best tags.  To do that, let WordPress suggest the tags for you to use, because it is going to pick from its most popular tags.

Anyone else use this trick?