I’ve been feeling very downtrodden lately, because I’ve eeked out the first 15,000 words of my novel, but it doesn’t feel very right.  I’ve written and written but the words aren’t very good.  I know that this is a phase in my writing, and that I will eventually “get the creative spark” again.  I also know that in my second draft, I’ll be able to edit out the “bad” parts and rework them so they don’t stink.  But I’m still demoralized.

I have writer’s block.

So how do you deal with this?

This is where it is always great to have sub-projects, this blog being one of them for me.  I have other goals, and other things that I want to write other than a fictional novel.  Short stories.  A nonfictional book.  An article.  Freewriting.  Journal writing.

Even though some of this work will never be published, it’s great to take myself out of the doldrum of writing my novel and embark on something else, so I am not “overloaded” with the same thing.  You know the old saying, variety is the spice of life.

What are your suggestions for breaking out of the monotomy?