I’ve recently become obsessed with Castle Age, a gaming app on FaceBook.  In the spirit of many other FaceBook games, you are required to frequently sign on and do upkeep.  In this case, it means doing quests, fighting battles with other players, and spending all your money.  In other words, it is a huge waste of time, albeit a fun waste of time.  Other than taking a quick break from reality (work), why would I play?

Many FaceBook games require that you have a lot of friends to boost your play experience.  In this case, they call it an “Army.”  The more people you invite to Castle Age, the more people help you beat up other players.  To help with this, games have a “mass invite” tool, where you can either copy and paste an entire thread of people who want to be your friend (and also have a big Army), or a link to where you can post your FaceBook profile for others to add you as their friend.

If you have your blog posts automatically fed to a FaceBook account, don’t overlook the wonder of having a lot of friends who will potential read said blog post.  Of course, that also means you will have a lot of spam in your friends list.  However, if you’ve followed my blog post about boosting traffic to your site, you might have already created a new FaceBook account for your pen name, or even another account of your own name – I call this the “professional” page.  Since this isn’t my profile of my actual friends (and I don’t look at the status updates), I don’t mind having a lot of spam on my page.

The moral of this story?  Get gaming!  And let me know if you get any traffic from it.