I’ve given some serious contemplation lately about entering more writing contests other than the Writer’s Digest annual competition.  This begs the question, how many competitions should an author enter?

Once upon a time, before I decided to sit down and write my novel, I thought it would be great to enter one writing contest per month.  The problem with this was, most writing contests are either poetry or short stories.  I cannot write poetry for anything, and I’ve also found that short story writing requires a lot of concentration and time, much more than I can juggle with family, job, school and novel writing.

However, I found a great web site on WordPress, which has a call for all sorts of writing competitions and I thought I would pass it on to everyone.

Naturally, if there is a writing competition for short stories, then competitions would exist for book writing as well.  To date, I’ve ferreted out four contests: Amazon.com Annual Breakthrough Novel Award (February), Suvudu (March), 3DN (August), and NaNoWriMo (November).

The question would be, how would a person write four books in a year?  I’ve seen plenty of books about writing the break-out novel in 30 days, but to me, that would be quite draining, if not exclusive to everything else in your life.

3DN and NaNoWriMo are different contests because they begin on certain days and you write until you are finished.  In other words, you don’t write a knock-out novel, edit it, and then submit it to a contest.  You begin on day 1 and finished on the last day.  That leaves two other competitions (1 competition if you are not a fantasy/scifi novelist) to enter.  Nothing says you can’t enter the same contest with the same novel, either.

So I’ve renewed my goals.  Next year, I am going to enter both the Amazon.com and the Suvudu contests, with the same book.  This means that I’m going to have to get my novel done by February.  Nothing like a competition to kick yourself in gear.

So, does anyone else enter book writing competitions?  Any more out there?