Last Week’s Word Count: 7,324

This past week, I started off with 9,930 words and ended up with 7,324 words.

No, I didn’t end up editing my book.  Not really.  I ended up organizing my book.

This past week, I bought this fabulous book called the Marshall Plan.  Taking its advice, I stopped all writing and outlined my entire book using his method.  (I did have an outline previously, just not as developed as it is now.)

The result was that I was able to identify every chapter of my book, starting with how I should hook my reader all the way to the soon-to-be fabulous ending.

Of course, that meant that I had to reorganize what I had written so far.  So, after finishing my outline, I chopped it up and put it into chapters that made sense, writing the “in-between” so that it made sense in the new outline.  The result was 7,324 words.  In case you were wondering, the rest of the words are still there, just floating out at the end of my outline.  They are fragments right now, and will eventually be incorporated into other sections.

Wish me luck this week as I embark on week #3.  My aim is is to finish 10,000 words by the end of the day.