I got my package of books in the mail yesterday.  I was really excited to read The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing because of all the good reviews online.  Let me tell you, that for an aspiring (and clueless) wanna-be author like myself, this is the perfect book.

The most valuable part is Part 2, where you put together your plot.  On page 59, it gives you a handy-dandy little chart to tell you how many characters you should have, how many sections to dedicate to each character, and how many sections to dedicate to the beginning, middle, and end of the book.

It then goes to explain the different types of sections and the break down of each character.  For instance, my main character (the lead) should have 60 sections dedicated to him.  There are 7 main section requirements, and he tells you where you should put each section in the novel, along with an explanation and an example.

Despite writing almost the entire first chapter of my novel (which comprises four sections), I am going to go back and make the entire outline again, using his section-by-section breakdown.  I’m very excited about this because it seems like a no-fail way to writing a novel.

My new goal for the week to have the entire “Marshall” outline done by Friday, so that I can sit down and continue writing.

Has anyone else read this book?  What do you think of it?  Did it help you write your novel?