Recently, I had to give much thought to creating a pen name.  I’m doing it for personal purposes.  Even though I’d love to see my own name in print somewhere, I also have to give consideration to something we call the internet.

I’ve actually written a few articles, and published them on the internet.  And what I’ve found is that no matter how innocuous you are, the internet name stamp you get can come back to you.

It’s kind of like Facebook.  You post a comment, and then all of a sudden your boss is mad at you, even if your comment had nothing to do with him or work, or wasn’t even posted during the time you were supposed to be working.  You are judged upon your words, especially by those who don’t know any better.

Perhaps this is what I fear the most, being judged not by fellow writers or even critics of my writing, but the other people who want to see shadows where there are none.  I guess I’m looking for anonymity, a kind of shield.

So, readers, what are your reasons for choosing a pen name?