Last night, I watched The A-Team, the new one starring Liam Nielson.  That sparked an interesting conversation between me and my husband.  I see him everywhere now!  Either he was just discovered on the Hollywood scene, or I just discovered him.

And that is the very subject of “Train Your Eyes to See Color,” a blog post I found out about noticing your habits:

Whether we focus on things we want or do not want, the truth is that What we focus on expands.

From my experience, dreams do come true, for the sole reason that the more you focus on something, the more of it you’ll notice and you’ll be particularly sensitive to opportunities that’ll come your way which will allow your dreams to become your reality.

I’ve been noticing this too, about my freewriting.  Since I’ve gotten in the habit of writing little things down every single day inside my journal, I’ve started to develop more writing ability.  I used to find it so difficult to freewrite, or I thought it was a wasted effort.  But now, it’s like my mind magically comes up with things to write down for my journal.

The more that I become aware of Liam Nielson, the more I see him.

The more that I become aware of freewriting, the more I can freewrite.  The mind plays funny things on you sometimes.  It’s like an explosion of freewriting.  Not all my thoughts are worthy of a short story, or to be incorporated into something.  But that’s not really the point of freewriting, is it?