I read this article on Daily Writing Tips, encouraging readers to write every day:

In these situations, a deadline and a sense of responsibility to your readers can work wonders. Promise on your blog that there’ll be a new post each day, then set yourself a private daily deadline (eg. 8pm) and aim to hit “publish” before then. Even when you’re not in the mood to write, the embarrassment of letting your readers down will motivate you to get typing…

I, for one, am horrible with assignments that require any kind of routine, which is why I do not have a routine at all.  Routine stresses me out.  I like myself stress-free.

Of course, routine also helps meet goals.  I have a tough time doing all of my college work every week, because all the assignments are due on Sunday night.  So Sunday, I wonder around the house, acting pathetic and driving my husband crazy, moaning about all the school work that I have to do.  If I had a routine … well, you get the idea.

But, I always manage to fulfill all of my responsibilities, from cooking dinner every night to doing my homework.  What’s even better, and I do say so myself, I try to do them well.  This means that I have to want to take something as responsibility.  So my question to myself is, do I really want to write a book?

I’m not going to lie.  This is going to be hard to write every day.  I’m hoping, though, that I can garner some readership to my blog, or at least someone out there in the blue yonder will take the time to write me a comment.  Then I will have to write every day.  And what turns out to be routine is just responsibility.